GB170HNBAG Standard Remote Sprayer

Side View

The GB170HN Remote Trigger Sprayer is about 70% more powerful than other remote sprayers.  It dispenses about 70% more liquid with every pull of the trigger.  This powerhouse Remote Trigger Sprayer is perfect for large spraying jobs, and the spray/stream/off nozzle allows you to choose how to apply liquids. The 36” dip tube gives you the flexibility to get the Remote Trigger Sprayer head close to the job while holding the jug in your other hand. The extra long trigger on the GB170HN Remote Trigger Sprayer is ergonomically designed to help reduce fatigue from prolonged use.  This product is perfect to use when you need to dilute concentrated chemicals and apply them over large areas.  The GB170HN Remote Trigger Sprayer can also be used when the liquid you need to dispense is thick or viscous, as this sprayer has the power to pull thick liquids through the long tube and deliver more output where you want it.  The GB170HN Remote Trigger Sprayer is also available with a fantastic FOAMER option. This is especially helpful if you need to spray foaming liquids on vertical surfaces like outside walls.

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No metal parts and all its plastic parts are 100% recyclable.  This makes it an environmentally friendly sprayer as it can be fully recycled!

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Pressure Sprayers

Made for large areas or where a pressurized spray is needed! Use around the home, in the garden, everywhere!


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