Chemically Resistant Viton Sprayer

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The Viton sprayer uses chemically resistant components to offer versatile quality.  Its special components and design make the sprayer compatible with a wider range of chemicals, and usually extends the lifespan of this versatile sprayer.  The extra long ergonomic trigger with finger ridges increase comfort when spraying. The Viton sprayer is a shipper sprayer, making it suitable for use when filled bottles are being transported.

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The ULTIMATE sprayer, exclusively available from Delta, just got a little bit better!It's still the only sprayer to come with a 5 YEAR GUARANTEE!.

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No metal parts and all its plastic parts are 100% recyclable.  This makes it an environmentally friendly sprayer as it can be fully recycled!

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Pressure Sprayers

Made for large areas or where a pressurized spray is needed! Use around the home, in the garden, everywhere!


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