EnviroKind® Go Green Sprayer

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Our new Go Green Spray Bottles lead the industry in being environmentally friendly.  The sprayer has no metal parts, making the sprayer compatible with most recycling streams. The bottles are made of 40% post-consumer resin, and are 100% recyclable. Delta's Spray Bottles are made to last. Go Green Spray Bottles can be used just as you would more traditional spray bottles. Re-using them saves money and resources. The Go Green bottle has check off grids and graduation scale for identifying and measuring contents.

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The ULTIMATE sprayer, exclusively available from Delta, just got a little bit better!It's still the only sprayer to come with a 5 YEAR GUARANTEE!.

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No metal parts and all its plastic parts are 100% recyclable.  This makes it an environmentally friendly sprayer as it can be fully recycled!

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Pressure Sprayers

Made for large areas or where a pressurized spray is needed! Use around the home, in the garden, everywhere!


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