Decorating Options

Silk Screening – This printing technique uses a stencil and mesh through which ink colors are transferred on to a bottle. Each color to be applied uses a separate mesh and requires a separate pass through the decorating machine and drying tunnel. Delta operates many Silk Screen production lines and this offers high quality, cost efficient decoration for smaller volume runs of a few hundred to thousands of bottles.

Pressure Sensitive Labels – Pressure-sensitive or adhesive labels are versatile, offer beautiful graphics, and can be applied on a wide range of bottles. Generally this is an economical way to label. Delta operates several pressure sensitive decorating lines.


Stretch Sleeve – Stretch labels are typically made of a highly elastic material with “memory” so the label can be pulled over the bottle. Stretch labels are cost effective in volumes of 10,000 or more and offer great graphics on a large billboard area to enhance your brand. Because no adhesives or heat are required to apply this type of label, it is well suited when formulas and bottle contents could be affected. Stretch sleeves are 100% recyclable, so they are a preferred choice when environmentally-friendly packaging is important.

Shrink Sleeving – Shrink sleeves are among the most durable labels and they are optimal for bottles that encounter moisture or friction. The billboard coverage of shrink sleeves makes their full color, 360° design coverage an exceptionally powerful way to build your brand. Delta offers both steam and electric shrink sleeving production lines. These are generally used on runs of 5000 or more.


Therimage / Heat Transfer Labeling  This process uses high quality full color process printed labels and applies labels to bottles using heat to transfer and set inks. Delta innovated a flameless heat transfer label technology that yields a more matte finish which is preferred by large retailers who use fluorescent lighting in their stores. This is a high speed process suitable for large volume production of 50,000 or more, and Delta has many Therimage production lines.


Pad Printing – is a printing process that can transfer a 2-D image onto a 3-D object. This is accomplished using an indirect offset printing process where a silicone pad is used to “stamp” the object being printed. Pad Printing is a great technique when a bottle has an irregular or very curved shape. Delta offers semi-automatic and fully automatic robotic pad printing lines.